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Wielding a pair of battle-scarred pointe shoes, a well-written novel, and an unlimited supply of tea, one young woman attempts to conquer that thing people call "college".

My Year in Review #1

Due to a summer of surgeries and limited mobility, I have been forced to push my focus beyond the performance aspect of being a ballet major.  The result has been one of my largest growths since coming to the University of Cincinnati in choreography.  I created this piece, both the spoken word and the choreography, knowing that I would be dancing it myself, despite my post-surgery limitations.  This gave me quite the challenge as I could only perform steps that my knee was capable of four weeks into my recovery!  The staircase is both symbolic of my upward journey and practical in that it helped to support my weight throughout the piece, lessening my knee’s limitations.  What better way to show my growth this year as a choreographer than to showcase my work?

In addition to creating this piece for my Year in Review, I am in the process of creating an eight minute contemporary ballet for CCM’s Choreographer’s Showcase in Spring of 2014.  Next year I hope to be one of the people creating the dances, not just performing them!  My advice to my future self as I work on this piece is to celebrate my ability to dance again through my choreography; never stop moving!  As the school year begins, I hope to take advantage of the many willing dancers in CCM to try and experiment with new choreography so that I can bring my project to life.